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CollectorVision comes to iiRcade!


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16 minutes ago, Swami said:

seems like every video I’ve watched about ColecoVision or the Phoenix gets something significant wrong. 

I'm sure it's a simple mistake or misunderstanding.  iiRcade seems pretty stoked to get CollectorVision on board so I think we can let this slide.  The CEO Jong-Wook Shin was all over Sydney Hunter and Light Grid, as well as their other titles and entire catalog.

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They had more titles. I believe 47 were announced but there are only a handful left. Some owners of the first series have confirmed that they have certain Colecovision titles still on their cabinets. They have been unavailable for some time and unavailable since the gold series was announced. Colecovision games were very arcade accurate. While not arcade Rom they did maintain that arcade feel and the iiRcade controls have perfected the gameplay 40 years later.

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Oh, I thought you were referring to CollectorVision titles, yeah I have no idea about missing Coleco titles.


Announced and actually released?  Cause there's 31 Coleco titles there now, and I'm not including CollectorVision titles.

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