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Senjin Aleste and Aleste Branch

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I've known about Aleste Branch for some time, but last night I learned that Senjin Aleste exists. They'll be doing Senjin Aleste's location testing in Akiba starting on the 28th, so I think I will go and participate in the location testing. I don't know about this game... when I think of Aleste, I don't imagine anything anywhere close to Senjin Aleste. The poster does say これが令和のアレスタだ! and there has never been an Aleste arcade game before, so maybe they are trying to redefine Aleste for this new era or something, especially since Aleste has been dead since 1993 except for GG Aleste 3 (which is good and you should play it!). M2 did a good job on that game, so I have confidence that Senjin and Branch will be good.


Any thoughts on either of these games?

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