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Using a bright wallpaper

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1 hour ago, Agamon said:

Do you have the text drop shadows turned off? Or maybe it'll help to turn them off. The instructions for that are here: https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/126714-add-remove-drop-shadows-icon-labels-desktop-windows.html

Thanks for the tip, but I was already having drop shadows on, and turning them off just made it a little worse. Ironically, turning ClearType off makes the text stand out on the background, but I need it on for everywhere else.


I think I was inaccurate in my description. The background I want to use isn´t very bright, it is medium bright if that makes any difference. It is the bliss wallpaper from Windows XP. 


I think what would have done the trick would be to change the font used for the desktop icons. But I don´t think there is a risk free easy way to do that.


I am sitting quite far from the screen. That´s why it is a little hard to read those desktop icons, even though I have increased text size to 175%. I can read them fine, don´t get me wrong. But they don´t pop out, like on a darker background.

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