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Harmony cart menu on screen during games? (RGB MOD)


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Hey gang, I'm hoping somebody has insights here. Got a 4 switch with Tim's RGB mod. My Harmony cart worked great until today when I see that its got the menu staying on screen during games, pics attached. Weird right? So I'm like cool I'll re-flash it. Still happening. I'm like ok, I'll try Harmony cart in my other 4 switch I have lying around (non RGB modded). Harmony works fine in that system, no persistent menu. Tried it in a six switch I have floating around. Worked fine, no persistent menu. I'm like ok, bad chips? Swapped the three chips from the known working 4 switch into the RGB modded 4 switch (the one having the issue) still having persistent Harmony menu in games, even with chips from a known working system swapped in. I'm like ok, reflowed solder on the chip sockets. Same issue... Dude wut? I wouldn't come here botherin' you guys unless I tried some stuff first! Now to be fair I've never re-capped or anything but, anybody wanna take a crack at this weird issue? Thanks in advance gang!  

unnamed (1).jpg


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Strange.  The 2600 generates the display in real time, there's no way for it to generate a "ghost" menu and a game at the same time which is why your other systems look OK.


So the issue is not the Harmony, but something in the video chain after the Atari's generated the image:

  • the RGB mod
  • the RGB -> HDMI  convert (assuming you're using one)
  • the Display
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Oh yeah for sure, I know the Harmony is not to blame since it's working just fine in my non-modded systems. It's typical electronics voodoo that it worked fine, then this menu weirdness for seemingly no reason. So somewhere along the line (RGB mod or hdmi conversion) this ghost of the menu is being generated eh? Well, I'm using an OSSC to convert to HDMI, I have another OSSC here, I'll try swapping that as well as the display, good suggestions! I'll post my results if I try anything that works (or doesn't). Thanks!

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It's your display, but also true of different kinds of LCD/LED displays, especially IPS displays. The Harmony menu, in particular, is displayed in a way that makes some line doublers and scalers produce a flickering effect that produces a higher rate of image persistence.


I don't show the Harmony menu for very long and it's ok for me then. If I forget and walk away and get the persistence, I let one of the YouTube videos play for 10-20 minutes that is designed to restore frozen pixels or burn-in images on LCD displays. It also goes away on its own after playing regular video for a bit.


Some links that reference the problem:




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Thank you to everyone for the great insights! It's always the last thing you think to check, right? Well if nothing else my 2600 consoles got a good cleaning and once over, so I know going forward they're in tip top shape. My monitor is an Acer R240HY IPS, new-ish, and I don't remember the menu being up for any length of time, but anything is possible I suppose. Didn't think to check that it was the monitor! Seems dumb in hindsight but yeah as soon as I hooked up a laptop with some test patterns, there it was! It would only show up against certain colors, not black or white. So I guess if anyone else runs into this issue don't be a Mr. Bungle like me. It's the monitor! Good news is, 4 hours with one of those YouTube fix videos you guys suggested and it's gone! Thank you so much to all of you kind folks! Made my day!


BTW, if anyone is going to be in Chicago 7/17/21 come see the system you helped me fix! Pics below! Info here: http://videogamesummit.net/







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That's an awesome setup! Wish I could make it up to see it in person.  We'll be up that way about a month later to visit family in Wisconsin.


When I've setup systems at the Houston Arcade expo I just put the consoles on the table connected to monitors and TVs.  I created info placards for the 6 systems I brought:

















I color-coordinated my paddles for Medieval Mayhem.




They worked OK when first setup but would slide down the cord as people played, which defeated the purpose for later players.  In later years I put colored circles on the paddle knobs. The stickers are white, I just ran them thru my laser printer.



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That is a great setup Spice! Loving the color coordinated paddles. Now I'm inspired to 3D print color coded paddle tops in the future! Eventually I'm going to do a 4 player paddle panel VCS cabinet. Houston Arcade Expo, I'll have to keep that in mind, I'd love to bring my cabs down there for folks to try. I have a whole bunch, just look for Arcade816. Medieval Mayhem is a FANTASTIC game by the way bud. Thanks again!

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figured you were here Ray, thanks for plugging VGS I'm working with ray btw to have Champ Games arcade ports on the his units and our harmony games will be played on the 2600 cabinet as well.  we won't announce the Harmony games at VGS until after the actual season ends which is july 12th. go to clubs and look for Atari Video Club under harmony games for  whats being played.

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Off-topic, I've also got a VCS with the RGB mod + component sub-board - are you able to get the Harmony menu to display "correctly" with the solid font with color cycling?  Mine looks pretty awful although the games themselves look pristine. If so, what combination of firmware version(s) are you using?


I'm just running component cables straight from the Atari to my LCD TV, works a treat other than the Harmony menu looking "odd".

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