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United Kingdom in country dropdown - where?



I think I'm being really thick here, but I cannot find a country for the UK in the country drop down.  Have looked for UK, United Kingdom, England, Great Britain, Britain - it's not there.


Put me out of my misery, please tell me what I'm missing here :)

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I believe he means the store.


Since January 1, 2021 the AtariAge Store unfortunately no longer serves the UK due to changes in VAT collecting policy. I know that @Albert is looking into a solution to the problem, which will get worse on July 1 when all the EU countries also change their VAT policy.




For the moment being, AtariAge sells items through eBay, possibly also Etsy etc which are marketplaces that have built-in handling of VAT.

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Yes, at the moment I cannot legally sell items to the UK if the order total is £135 or less.  In cases like this, I would be required to collect VAT and then submit (I think quarterly) reports to HMRC and remit the VAT.  There are also requirements to provide VAT information with the order and various requirements to retain VAT-related information for years. 


This is something I will work on setting up so I can be compliant and sell directly to the UK again.  I could possibly modify the store to allow sales over £135 (which is about $190 USD at the moment), but I don't want to spend much time modifying the existing store as I will be moving it to completely new software once I get caught up on orders (which is my primary focus).  There's also a possibility of setting up a UK distributor, but that's definitely going to require some work to get off the ground since I would need to build and ship a ton of inventory to the distributor initially. 


I do have a subset of items from the AtariAge Store up on eBay and Etsy.  As eBay and Etsy are "marketplace sellers", they are required to collect and remit the VAT for anyone selling on those platforms.  I plan on greatly expanding what's available on eBay and Etsy, such as adding all the new games once I'm caught up, as well as more of the back library of titles (in particular, older 2600 games). 


Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm not happy about this myself and do want to see it rectified.



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