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What would be your top 20 NES games, in order?

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To change things up, I thought to list ones that released while the SNES was out:


Kirby's Adventure




Fire'n Ice


The Lone Ranger


Gargoyle's Quest II


Snow Brothers


Felix the Cat


Wacky Races


G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor


Super Spy Hunter


Adventure Island 3






Tiny Toon Adventures


Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat


The Jetsons: Cogswell's Caper!




Batman: Return of the Joker




Smash T.V.

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Growing up my mom loved the NES and our collection reflected her tastes and very much affected my own. So I was shocked when I found videos shitting all over some games that I really enjoyed from childhood. Are these games perfect?  No. Are they the best of the system?  No. But they are the ones I've played countless times as I grew up and they are my top ones. 


Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link

Castlevania 2 Simons Quest

Donkey Kong Classics

T&C Surf Designs

Super Mario Bros 3

Super Mario Bros 2

Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt



Double Dragon


Punch Out

Adventure Island

Tetris 2

The Legend of Zelda

Zodas Revenge

Kung Fu

American Gladiators


I honestly can't think of anymore. Those were the games we owned and my family played to death or we rented and actually enjoyed. The NES was very much my mom's system (she played it way more than the rest of us) and us kids had a 7800 in the basement to play.  But the times we did play NES was a family activity and was a ton of fun. Great memories with all those games I listed.  Especially Zelda 2 and Castlevania 2. 

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