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Cosmic Canyon


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A little while ago I had the idea to make a Joy of Painting style video where I would make a simple game in bBasic and explain what I was doing as I went along. I've sort of cooled on making the video for now (but I may come back to it at some point), but I went ahead and made the game. It's just a simple little Cave/Flappy Bird style game. Press the button, your ship goes up. Release the button, your ship goes down. Don't crash into stuff.





Cosmic Canyon.bin Cosmic Canyon.txt

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3 hours ago, Albert said:

Love the label artwork!


1 hour ago, sramirez2008 said:

That label artwork is excellent!


It's from one of those royalty free art sites. I can't even remember which one now. It kinda has that retro travel poster vibe.

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Wow, this is a hard game.  Need to work on trying to make the movement a bit more floaty.  This is tuff because most of these “flappy” type games are too floaty in my opinion and that’s why I stay away from this type of game.  Have to admit that the hard difficulty actually made me want to “play one more time”, which is a good thing.  Maybe try working on he upper and lowers limits.  Seems like you can get to just above the score line (on the lower part of the screen) and then you crash.  The upper part seems to provide more room before you crash.  I wasn’t expecting to crash without colliding into an asteroid.


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Fun game! Like the black and white color scheme and the way the asteroid belts move. That movement is so smooth and relaxing, once I pass a few asteroids, I can really get into the zone.  The controls take a little getting used to, but once you get used to them, the game present a nice one button challenge.


Your games are highly enjoyable. Thanks for posting this one.


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20 hours ago, Karl G said:

It's definitely a cool example with nice graphics, but abusively difficult! If you want to develop it beyond the quick one-off, I'd love to see a difficulty ramp by starting with a wider gap to traverse.

Thanks! I don't think I'll revisit this one. I've been fleshing out one of the other "Joy of Coding" example ideas I had into a full game and spent some time working on it this morning. Hopefully I'll have something to share by the end of the week.

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Cosmic Canyon on tomorrow's (Tue Jun 22, 2021) stream LIVE on Twitch at 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT+1Day! Hope everyone can watch!





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