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Another problem - Encore cartridge (loud buzzing sound)

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Has anyone ever experienced a loud buzzing noise while running the Encore cartridge? I'm having that issue as soon as I turn the system on and it is not going away. First I tried it on a 2600 Jr., then I tried it on a 7800 and it's no different so that rules out a power supply issue or the RF cable being the issue. Would rewriting the firmware possibly fix this or does it sound like something wrong with the board?




I'm still troubleshooting but it seems to have to do with a weird relationship between my Atari systems, the VCR and the TV I am that I am trying to use possibly rather than the cart.


When I use my Atari 7800's RF cable with my NES on my VCR, I don't really get much noise at all (very faint buzzing).

When I use my Atari 7800 directly plugged into the Magnavox CRT TV, I get a high pitched whine in the background Encore cart inserted or not.

When I use my Atari 7800 plugged into my Symphonc VCR with a coax running to my Magnavox CRT TV, that is when I get the really annoying buzzing sound that is so loud it starts to drown out the game sounds.




Sorry for the trouble, guys. I just dug out a legit cart (I forgot I still had some for sale here while all my legit copies to keep are in my storage unit.) Even with a legit cart I'm hearing the same noises so either the Atari systems have some strange frequencies that the NES doesn't have, or the noise could be coming from my surge protector. Either that or there is interference here and the NES has better shielding than the Ataris. I have more investigating to do.


...nope, it's not the surge protector. Must be wireless interference and the Atari systems might just have poor shielding. Next idea - trying a TV in a different room.

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Yeah it's definitely something wrong with that bedroom. Either the circuit or interference from other electronics nearby. I moved the 2600 to the living room and don't hear noise. Maybe it's about time I start shopping around for a system with a composite video mod. (Not HDMI, after all I intend to use mostly CRTs still.) I never had issues with the same copies of the consoles in the past so it probably has something to do with where I moved.

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