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Terraonion FPGA Direct 2021 - Announcing the Super HD System 3 Pro!

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232 Euros


Having a MiSTer, the past model was hard for me to justify. I think the blue shell against a white PC Engine would look nice. Supergrafx play-ability on base systems is great, using as much of the original hardware as possible. The ability to add FPGA cores to it like NES makes it very appealing.  Just my opinion, but with added cores, I't would have been nice if they added 1-2 USB ports on it. That could also make it a Turbotap killer, but this may limit the cores a bit if NEC controllers are the only way. NES and SMS would make sense having similar rectangular two button shapes. I guess Atari, SG-1000 and Amiga cores could work.  It is an interesting project upgrade.

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Don’t forget Game Gear and Game Boy. Boy, the SFII controller is about to get more expensive.


EDIT: there are actually quite a few options for three and six button PC Engine controllers. Thanks be to Street Fighter II!


That said, call me crazy, but I don’t really want to play anything but a particular console’s library on that console. I would play NES games on this because I don’t have any other way to play them, though.

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