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Is this the best place to inquire about O2 development questions? (failing hello world! help!)

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Hi everyone, I'm dipping my toe into O2 development and have a few things worked out, but following the hello world isn't working and being new to assembly i'm it doesn't take much to trip me up.  


I wasn't sure if there's a more specific area in here that's for O2 development.  




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this is the only one i know of..  http://web.archive.org/web/20130615121310/http://soeren.informationstheater.de/g7000/Index.html but you know that.. =D   so yes going to see if i can make sense of what's going on with the hello world and see where this thing really goes.  


I definitely have to really slow down though and understand what's going on because this is just so much lower level that i'm not used to thinking about stuff this simple.. and understand what all of the lingo means..   

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