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4 direction player sprites?


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I know I can use REFP0 to flip my player facing left/right


But what about facing up and down? 


Think of it like the sword in adventure   

sure ---->   and  <----  are easy enough to flip left and right..

But what about making the sword face Up or Down?


I am working, and not in front of my development PC at the moment, so can't test this.. but have a curious theory and figured i would ask, before I have a chance

to experiment later this evening.


Could I create 4 labels, then check the direction of the joystick for player0,  and based on the direction being pressed, gosub to that label to set the current player0 graphic, and f the joystick direction changes, then gosub to the applicable label to set the new graphic to represent the image for the new position of the player?

Perhaps only 3 graphics are needed since the left/right can use the same one, and apply reflection


I assume I can also add an additional check, for no input, and just pick whatever one I choose as default, to make sure there is always a valid graphic.


I am just not sure if bB allows you to re-define p0... honestly never tried,  as so far all my programs used a static player sprite... but am looking to expand that behavior now, as well as add player animations as a next step.

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I made a quick example program using the sprite from Seaweed Assault that has animations for 8 directions.


Here's the .bas file so you can look at the code:



Here's the .bin file to use with your favorite emulator:



It uses SWCHA instead of the usual way since that's easier when dealing with an animated sprite that moves in 8 directions.

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