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8-Bit Software: A Preservation Effort


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Ah, thank you guys, I didn't realise they re-released it.  Remember I was seeing things like Behind Jaggi Lines and The Last Starfighter and was told by scene guys that Zombies was a beta...


Ta for the actual truth behind it....Just proves you can't trust a pirate :)



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The Last Starfighter game is still pretty darn good... me think the star raiders II changes and rebranding for sale was a move to recoup the losses for not ponying up for the license. TLS is still the better game. T and Marketing , they just didn't get it....

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Totally agree, myself and Gunstar on here (there's the clue) are huge Last starFighter film fans, its cheesy but in a good way. The game was just so right as what it was, the rebranding to Star Raider II was a hideous mistake, not only did Star Raiders fans feel let down, most knew the backstory of the game and realised they had been fobbed off. Hell, they barely changed anything bar test, the rest is Last Starfigher, its not really  like Star Raiders..


Ah, they didn't pay for the license??


Film wise, Atari are named in the credits, I presumed they had brought the license..

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5 hours ago, SoulBuster said:






A brief off topic.


I love the way these faded labels reveal the spot colour litho process that was used when they were printed. 


The initial label was white, they printed a yellow strip at the top, an orangered strip at the bottom and then printed brown over the top of it all with no ink where all the lettering is so the right colours show through. A lot of people think that darker strip at the bottom is where the label has faded less because it was in an atari for so long but you can see the band of colour where the yellow is at the top as well. The vertical stripe/scrape marks that people think are wear as well are the natural grain of the rubber rollers. I wish I knew what the original pantone values were! 


Here is another cart (not from this collection), you can clearly see the spot colours, you can only see them because of the fading.



OK sorry for the over enthusiastic aside, back to the awesome archiving of @SoulBuster's collection.

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