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D&D Dark Alliance- rough around the edges, but fun


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I thought I'd throw this out there in case anyone had picked up the game or played some on GamePass. :)


I've played the game about three hours so far and played Bruenor Battlehammer and Drizz't.  In the game's current state a faster character is definitely more satisfying to play for me; it feels like Bruenor is meant to be played in multi-player as the obvious tank, where he just kinda stands there and hits stuff.


The graphics and sound are top-notch to me, particularly the music score and the sound effects for fighting/weapons/etc.  The score is well worth listening to.


My biggest complaint is the 'lock' system is janky; you're better off not locking on a target and manually managing the targets.  It caused a little trouble on one of the tougher fights, but otherwise any damage I took throughout the level was my fault.  The game does encourage you to quickly decide which bad guy will you give the hardest time, so I like that.

Likewise the camera AI could use a little love. It doesn't seem to center well and when it zooms in you can't see the AoE circles on the ground which is super important with the archers and mages.


If you like the Forgotten Realms/Icewind Dale settings, I think you'll find enough to like about the game even with it being rough around the edges and janky a little.

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Isn't this supposed to be a remake of the old Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance games from the OG XBox era?  I saw screens and it looks a lot different.


I'll likely give it a try when I get my Series X... it's on it's way!  lol  I'll give my son the One X to play on.  Looking forward to experiencing the faster load times too!

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