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I need help to remind the name of this game


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I've been loking for this game from Genesis / Megadrive for ages. It's been a long time since I played the game, and I vaguely remind many details, but some things that I remember are:

  • You controlled a spaceship, but you could get out from it if you landed in a flat surface and then the player had a jetpack with limited fuel to get through smaller spaces
  • The game had a side-scroll view, with colorful sprites (reference, but the spaceship was bigger, like x2 or x3)
  • You had to rescue some workers / troops / people and get them into your spaceship, then you could leave the level. I'm not sure if this was like this the rest of the game, but at least the first level this was the main objective.
  • You could fly through all the level freely in order to explore and find the people you had to rescue


 I've recently checked out this video but didn't find any similar game.





Do you have any ideas of what game I'm talking about? I'd really appreaciate any comments! Thank you!

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