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Jump to TI-BASIC from assembly language


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I'd like to jump into the TI Basic interpreter coming from an assembly language program running from cartridge space.

It's not that I want to run a specific call or so, just start the TI Basic interpreter like selecting option 1 "TI Basic" on the selection screen.


Is there any sample code to show how that works? Guess that I basically need to get the GPL interpreter running TI Basic at >216F  (?)

Was hoping for a vector address in the console ROM that triggers the TI Basic interpreter, but couldn't find it.



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2 hours ago, HOME AUTOMATION said:

       LI   R1,>216f
       MOVB R1,@>9C02
       SWPB R1
       MOVB R1,@>9C02
       B    @>70

Seems to work!


This is pretty neat. 

Question for the GROM challenged:

We set the GROM address ?

Then branch into ROM. 

>0070 Main entry point into the GPL interpreter.


Are there other cool places in GROM that can be used this way?



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