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The pandemic taught me that if I didn't start doing something productive with my hands soon, I was going to lose it. So I chose to do something I always wanted to, refurbish non-working consoles and re-home them, maybe make a few bucks in the process. So far I have rehabbed three four switch consoled, one (A Vader that I plan to keep) still with a minor issue I am trying to track down. One Woodie repaired and restored (Early Sunnyvale model, no mods!) and one with the Composite AV and LED Mods installed as well as fully recapping it to upgrade it. I'm having fun doing it too. If you want to check out the ones that get completed and test out fully, I'll post a seller link.




Unlisted is my favorite referb so far, I'll attach a pic of my Vader as I was testing it out :)

my vader.jpg

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