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Spelunky finally gets Switch eshop release date (8/26)


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47 minutes ago, roots.genoa said:

Yeah but people like me hate "true" roguelikes because they feel they miss the sense of accomplishment, the reward for doing well.

They are simply different and admittedly understanding them requires rewiring your gaming brain somewhat. I did it after ~3 decades of normal gaming and it was a bit like taking the Red Pill :). The accomplishment is very much there, in fact it's magnified thousandfold, I'd say - but it comes from other factors than in traditional games.  I haven't played Into the Breach but I suspect that perhaps there is either some way around the problem you mention, or perhaps that's how it should be. In a real RL you are supposed to start with a clean slate and adapt to whatever problems arise with tools at hand (not the ones you'd like to have).


I don't mind the roguelites, there's enough gaming space for all the styles - or there would, because as it happens they have nearly completely crowded out the traditional action ones. I couldn't name a recent one, apart from Spelunky 2, which wouldn't have some sort of continuity mechanic.


Of course, real RL purists would burn me at stake for all this anyway, because for them roguelikes are only "true" when turn-based.

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On 8/17/2021 at 2:45 PM, Daj said:

I'm pretty sure Spelunky does have an ending, but I can't speak from first-hand experience.

It certainly does. There are 4 lots of 4 levels (Caves/Jungle/Ice/Temple) if you ignore the secrets. I've managed to beat the first game (including the secret 'Hell' levels), but not the second as of yet. It's a lot like Dark Souls in that getting good at Spelunky requires a real knowledge of how all the different sin-game systems affect each other. After a time you can predict what will happen and influence things to go in your favour, though the randomness means success is never 100% guaranteed (at lease at the level I play at - there's some astonishing stuff on YouTube). 


I've not a clue how many levels there are on the second, I find that one a magnitude harder than the original.

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