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Best sprite size for 320x240 screen resolution?


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As a FYI - I’ve adjusted my project’s screen resolution to 320x224. I figured it was better to change it now, before I get too involved in what I’m doing. 

As for the aforementioned sprites I posted: I’ll resize them a bit later, when it’s finally time to use them. I am expecting to do a lot of touch up on these sprites once they’ve been resized. 

I’m still at the very early stages of what I want to achieve. Despite this, I am really enjoying myself. I am also having a lot of fun discussing everything with the community. You guys/gals rock!

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12 hours ago, Zerosquare said:

Those sprites are nice!


And yeah, there isn't really any solution for resizing pixel art that doesn't involve manual work. Even when the scaledown ratio is an integer, automatic scaling often looks ugly. And when it's not, it's even worse.

Partly incorrect ;) Some dedicated tools do this kind of work decently well. I'd recommend to look at Aseprite for instance. It's quite cheap and really helpful to scale pixelart content, but ok some light manual work will be required (so @Zerosquare is right in the end ^^).

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I use it on my lynx projects, even though mostly on animation work so I don't have a lot to share without spoilers (like the ending screen of RED ^^). My experience is that if you start from a "real" pixel art image or sprite, the end result is roughly 95% good, and there are just a few pixels left to change. So it speeds up the process a LOT. (It also works really well to rotate sprites by the way)

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7 hours ago, agradeneu said:

Good thing about Jaguar is that the sprite sizes can be very flexible.


16x16, 24x24, 32x32 are the most common sprite sizes.


For some impressive monsters and bosses, go bigger ;-)






Thank you! I needed to know if the Jaguar’s sprite capabilities were flexible or not. 

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On 8/13/2021 at 1:21 AM, saboteur said:

What i've found usefull is to 'mock up' the screen in paint and try various 'sprite' sizes by overlaying them.


It's not ideal because paint doesn't have layers but it does work, I have tried doing this in inkscape but the results were unsatisfactory.


Also a side benefit is you can also slice up the image into tiles to be used in your game if required.


One final thing i will say is don't get bogged down creating fancy graphics at the start - decide on your sizes, make place holders ( i just use blocks of colour now) and get your game code sorted. You can make the graphics pretty later when you have something worthwhile. I know this, because it's what i did and it sucks the will to code anything out of you, but that could just be me :)

Inkscape is a great tool but not for raster images. Why not use GIMP instead of paint?

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