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AtGames 2021 Speculation Thread

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Yes, It is the Activision 8 Gold for $39.99. They had about a dozen left at the store I went to on the Northside of town. I didn't check the westside. It seems to me you could easily flip these Activision editions and make a decent profit, maybe double your money pretty easily. But, I'm lazy, and a broke mofo, lol, so I got just one for me. I guess I need to solder a USB port onto this sucker now??? Thanks for the heads up BTW @No Quarter, you're awesome, buddy.

At least I got to go out on black friday and get an AFB that I didn't already own. I saw it in 2017 at target for like $80 ??? bucks all the time and really wanted it, but I never pulled the trigger.  For the last few years I have enjoyed hunting for AtGames products during the holidays. I was really bummed that this year I wouldn't be able to. This was the next best thing, Im' excited to get an AFB8 and finally tinker with it.


AtGames, you're off the hook this year. You better get it together for next X-Mas! lol.


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The survey has ended. I did fill one out and voiced interest in flashback consoles with APL connectivity. Here are the results.

AtGames Community Retailer Survey 2021 (google.com)



The data looks skewed. There is no way there are more Arcade cabinet owners than flashback owners. That tells me that the survey was filled out by the Legends Arcade owners more than flashback owners.


It also shows that Arcade owners are willing to buy atgames consoles from the dollar store that link up to their cabinets.


legends portable is another good idea i saw. I said the same thing here a long time ago.


weekly firmware updates arent needed. more testing per update is.


the legends connect is DOA. (turn them into legends flashback 3s).

give us a console on the holidays to purchase as gifts.

People want lightguns yesterday.

this shit isnt rocket science.

I really didnt pay attention to any of the Arcade cabinet and pinball add ons data. As I dont own them. But it pretty much felt like perfect what you already have out before you go adding more stuff.



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