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13 hours ago, CharlieSykes said:

I have a Mr. Boston cart but the label is 90% missing. Any ideas or suggestions on figuring out the value of something like that? My Dad was a liquor rep back in the day, that's how i got it 

The only definitive way of course is to put it up for auction and see what it sells for ?  Personally I would prepare as good a copy of a real label as possible and include it with the sale (but not attached to the cart), being clear in the description.  That way hard core collectors can leave it off and people who don't care as much can affix the repro label to the original cart.  You might consider swearing out an affidavit with a notary public attesting to your knowledge of how your dad acquired it, for those hard-core collectors. (Caveat: I'm not a collector myself in any way so I could be completely wrong about what they'd want to see in an auction).  Photos of the inside of the cart and both sides of the PCB (assuming it's an un-screwable one) would help a lot when you sell it.  

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