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Retro Park - WIP


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please find my new game ,done with batari basic, in 1-line resolution.

Any suggestions for improvement of the game mechanics would be nice.


Sound effects have to work on.

You are Q-bert and you have to fight against some Atari 2600 retro monsters in the woods from E.T. movie.


Written this game from scratch , not much bytes left - 235 bytes in total for missing sound routines .


Have a nice day Atari boys and girls.



Tom from Berlin




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again, some bug fixes , shoots don't start at the middle of the screen

find the latest build version 


suggestions, wishes ?  write me


Monsters /enemies so far:


cat - from tom boy ( pitfall clone) 


e.t. from e.t. game


space ship from e.t. game

crocodile from pitfall


Cookie Monster from Cookie Monster munch

ufo -  from me


Any other ideas for enemies ? 


Write me , test it, have fun  !!!!










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update on 9-8-2021
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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Retro Park on tomorrow's (Tue Sep 14, 2021) stream LIVE on Twitch at 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT+1Day!





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23 hours ago, Darthtom said:



Thank you James, playing the game on your show. Find attached the lastet built from this morning , fixing some more issues .

Have an nice day , if you want to see other enemies ( monsters) send me some sprite ideas and you will get your very own custom version.



Greetings, Tom 


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