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Does Battlemorph really work for anyone?


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I can't even get this game to load at all, but I seem to recall people saying they had gotten it to load only for it to crash.  Does Battlemorph really work for anyone, meaning can you really play this game without crashing?  What's the status these days?


I've tried multiple different Battlemorph images and multiple different SD cards.  I've reformatted my SD card and started fresh.  I'm using Samsung SD cards.  Nothing I do gets Battlemorph to boot at all.  I'd really love to play this game.

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In my experience basically you can get it to run in a limited state where you cant fly too fast or crash too much or the game will freeze. Explosions also often trigger freezing, as do transitioning to the "tube" areas and that one part where it teleports you into a small room. Often you can complete a level before it crashes and my record is finishing all but one planet in the first solar system, which I achieved through some glitchiness working in my favor. 


If you cant get it to load at all here is my general method: get at least 3 memory cards and at least 2 versions of Battlemorph. Format a card and set up multiple folders each with copies of the files. Try loading each and when loading do not press anything during the Jagcube animation. You should get the start screen animation scene about 30% of the time and one file location will usually be more reliable than the others. If its not working at all, format card #2 and try everything all over. Et cetera. If all three dont work format them and try again. When this is working and you get the title screen pay attention to the message at the top about not having a memory card. The sweet spot to press A is shortly after that message disappears. The crashing that happens is in some way related to the audio, so when on the menu dont make any selections until the game has finished playing the current Scottish accent quote. Once in the game fly slow and dont let the screen get too busy. Learn the maps so you can strategically avoid large groups of enemies and coast through the levels as peacefully as possible. When crossing a teleporter or into a tube area go a snails crawl pace and cross your fingers. The playable state of the game is degenerative, so generally you will get about three solid attempts for each time you reformat the card.

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Another helpful tip for playing Battlemorph: The passwords will bring you to any solar system and from there you can choose any planet. You wouldnt be able to access the bosses, except that as luck would have it the final solar system is a boss rush. The boss levels seem to be a lot more stable than the other levels too. So basically the game is already fully playable, as long you dont mind some interruptions.

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