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Arcade MAME HSC 2021 Commando

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This round we play the arcade classic Commando
I don't think this has been played before in this high score club.
Let's try it out and see how it goes.

Settings - default (no continues)
lives - 3
diff - normal
bonus life 10k, 50k+

Rom - Commando[world]

Deadline to post scores is October 17th at 12PM EST

Final high scores -

evan04 78,000 +11 points +3 points for winning round
Floyd Turbo 42,300 +10 points
roadrunner 27,800 +9 points
Krytol 25,300 +8 points
Hero2millions 9,500 +7 points

Current season point standings -

roadrunner 109
AtariWarlord 82
Floyd Turbo 78
Krytol 75
Hero2millions 69
jblenkle 54
evan04 28
VectorGamer 19
RuySan 14
youxia 10

Link to arcade manual scan -


Any corrections please post.



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Sorry for the late total score update.  Roadrunner is still taking a commanding lead.  

That being said, it looks like evan04 has played a few rounds of Commando in his day.  He's set the bar pretty high.  

Game On.

Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 10.49.41 PM.png

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