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minigame contest


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check the atari game out... it was coded by my collegues from next generation... and it was coded in XASM...


anybody interested in doing such a contest @ atariage? or is anybody full with doing his own homebrew... could be fun...


think about it...






A 2048 bytes contribution to

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

/ / / / / / / |_| _| | | | |_|

/ / / / / / / _| |_| | | | |_ http://demo.raww.net/minigame/

8-bit coding competition


for A T A R I


done by (in alphabetical order

laoo/NG (Waldemar Pawlaszek)

R0lAnd/NG (Remigiusz Zukowski)




It was a happy day in Astratia: it's King - Astronius VII celebrates his 75th birthday. On this occasion The Prime

Minister decided to buy couple of thousands balloons filled with (as he was informed) helium. After ceremony when all

baloons where out in skies one sciencist incidently made horrible discovery: All baloons instead of helium where filled

whith deadly gas of unknown origin. When balloons reach stratosphere and burst all humanity will vanish. In this tragic

circumstances Astratia's Ministery of Defence decided to send their best pilot in confidential mission: to destroy all

balloons before it'll be too late! For this operation there is prepared supersonic airplane armed with ammunition

capable to neutralize the poison. There is only one pilot who can manage it: YOU



- Be extremaly carefull: the higher You are, the air is more thin and balloon are flying faster.

- Flying whith supersonic velocities try to fire to targets with care: your jet may be faster than your missiles.


Good Luck and God Bless You!




Controlling the game needs Paddles plugged to port 1. Don't trouble with this bizarre hardware, because every (i hope

so) good Atari emulator can emulate it via mouse. Game was developed on Atari800Win Plus 2.8, so if your program don't

support proper paddle emulation try to obtain this great emulator from locations linked from emulator section of

MiniGame HomePage.

In Atari800Win paddle emulation can be set by selecting in your menu Input->Mouse (or Atari->Mouse) then selecting

paddles as emuleted device in mouse port 1 (top limit of paddle range must be 228). Then capture mouse by pressing F12.

I'd like to excuse for possible inconveniece assotiated with need of this strange configuration, but analogue

controlling is the best for this kind of game. Also I hope that it isn't opposed to point three of rules in case of

"requirement of external hardware"


Only controlls are Paddles (i.e. your mouse and their triggers (mouse buttons)




Game file (Aster2k.xex) is a plane Atari executable. It should be loaded and executed without any complications. There is also enclosed Atari disk image Aster2k.atr. Source code included in Aster2k.asx file.

Game needs clear memory to run properely.




Sometimes balloons can be shown up in middle of screen instead of it's background (don't ask me why

Rarely after comming back to title screen some sprites may be not turned off - it can be observed as thin bar across the

screen (easy to eliminate, but duncare




R0lAnd: background stars effect based on sprite (missile) multiplication engine

paddle controlling routines with world translations

laoo: all the rest during few nights supported by strong coffee




Greetings flies to all active (real or emu atari sceners and minigame competitions organisers and participants.

Game written using X-Assembler by Fox/Taquart



2001-09-30 22:58

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