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Was Man Hunter San Fransisco released for Apple IIc/IIe?


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No.  MH: SF was the only AGI game not released on the Apple II or IIgs.  Probably because the Apple II market was dying at the time.


I had heard that someone was looking into 'porting' it to the IIe, but there were no details provided.

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On 10/11/2021 at 12:20 PM, Serguei2 said:

Many Sierra adventure games are released for Apple //c including last ones: Gold Rush, King's Quest IV and Man Hunter New York.


So was Man Hunter San Francisco released for this computer as well?

I played Man Hunter San Francisco back in the day on the Amiga. It was decent, but it didn’t play like Sierra’s other games.

You used a map to navigate the city (you didn’t control an actual character persey), and still images would appear on-screen for specific locations. I always thought Man Hunter had an Apple IIe/IIc and/or IIGS release, but apparently it didn’t. Man Hunter has always been one of my least favorite games by Sierra. Personally, at least imho - you’re not missing out on much.


However, I will say that it certainly would be cool to see how an Apple IIe port of the game would turn out, though. The IIe/IIc’s graphics have a distinctive look that has always appealed to me (monochrome or color).

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