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Apple II cartridge slot?


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Exactly how do you mean? Disassemble a console and re-wire the cartridge slot into the Apple II's bus?


Many Apple II expansion cards have a 2K ROM on them, like firmware. Or a utility program to control the card's functionality.


BTW: Atari VCS cartridges fit into expansion slots just fine. I never turned it with one in there though.

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What you could ask is if anyone ever made an adapter to have one of the slots available for access from the outside. I suppose every slot has its own function or at least is called by its own slot number, so the range of expansion cards that would work from the outside might depend on the slot. While it is true that you have to open the lid on e.g. the Atari 800 to change cartridge, that is much more accessible than removing the cover on an Apple II in order to swap any board/cartridge you have installed. I suppose for some application there might be a ROM expansion board that you want to sit inside permanently, whether you call that a cartridge or not.

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Fun facts time!!


The Tiger Learning Computer, which is a licensed Apple IIe clone from 1997 [!], solely uses cartridges for program storage. Thus it's the only Apple II to officially do so. Each cartridge contains the contents of at least one 5¼" floppy disk. User data is saved to a special flash RAM cartridge, which can be formatted as either a DOS 3.3 or ProDOS "disk."


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