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Why won't this work? (Solved!)


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On 10/16/2021 at 6:42 PM, Retrospect said:

test3 compiler.txt << program now works



It has been determined that if there is a line like this;

C=C+1 :: IF C>16 THEN C=3

We cannot then leave a comment at the end of this line.


Note: I am probably the only one who did not know this.


This version of the compiler should fix the bug which causes crashes when using remarks at the end of a FOR/NEXT loop. It worked with the 2 simple examples given in post #21

Replace COMPILER in the game developer's package with this file, and let me know if this fixes it.



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20 hours ago, senior_falcon said:

let me know if this fixes it

Hi Harry, yes it's fixed the issues I found.

The following examples were tried and worked fine;

10 A=0 ! Declare 'a' as nill
20 A=A+1 :: IF A>1000 THEN A=1 ! If a goes past 1000, make it nill 
30 A$=STR$(A) :: CALL LINK("DISPLY",10,15,A$) ! Display 'A' as a string
40 GOTO 20 ! Increment 'a' again


10 FOR L=1 TO 1000 ! Start of loop
20 PRINT L ! display the value of L
30 NEXT L ! end of loop

The one that screwed my game up was notably similar to line 20 in the first example here.  Logic after a statement with the rem was bugged.  

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1 hour ago, Retrospect said:

This project is now official.  And the title is in the video.


Here's a section of the game where you travel through one of the space tunnels .... blasting asteroids for points.  

All done in XB (xb256) and compiled.  Release date sometime in November.

Huh.  Watching this I thought it was some weird colon-cleansing sequel to the Advanced Butt Plug Simulator.


Really nice action for an XB game, with background music, no less!  Shows off the power of XB256 and what it can do in the hands of a good programmer.

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10 hours ago, Retrospect said:

Alas, the music was just something I stuck over the video. Ha, would be nice if I could make music like that!

It is a very cool piece of music nevertheless.

I think I hear 4 voices plus a little percussion thing.

Hard to replicate exactly on our machines but with some clever re-arranging we might be able to get the general effect.

I might spend some time on Sibelius to notate it first.

What is the original source? Is it public domain?


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23 minutes ago, senior_falcon said:

Remember that XB256 can play sound lists, so if you can recreate the music with CALL SOUNDs, you can convert to a sound list that plays in the background. Also sound effects can be used that don't interrupt the main music theme.

It something I might consider, but there's a reason I generally don't .... and this is going to sound negative against myself but my musical talents are just not there - I would end up making music that would turn people away from the game through sheer annoyance.  

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