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5200 prototype carts on ebay


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23 hours ago, taxman said:

Glad to see he was able to save these from the trash. Very cool story.

Indeed.  Quite the foresight on this guy.


Our team was told that the business was gone, it wasn't coming back, and to throw everything away!  My take on the situation was that many of these items were historically significant.  I literally rescued this EPROM cartridge and others like it from the trash bin.

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14 hours ago, Tempest said:

The three 5200 protos have not been archived.  The 2600 Galaxian proto has though.  If anyone buys these I'd be very interested in reviewing these.

There are four 5200 protos that are up now.   If I win them they will be dumped.   Which of the four has already been dumped?

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