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7800 badge reproductions?


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Does anyone know if anyone is makes ny reproductions of the metal 7800 console badge? I know Best sold out of the originals a long time ago.


I also remember someone else raising the possibly of creating a black plastic variant on the original but I don't recall if that ever came to fruition.




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9 minutes ago, jstrotha0975 said:

I could totally use a new badge for my system. How do those come off btw, it would be nice to remove it and put a decal or something in it's place.

Well I use a product called De-Solv-it in the case of the last 7800 I worked on where a replacement metal plate was part of the project. Basically just have to spray a liberal amount of the stuff on and around the plate to make sure it seeps in around the edges. Wait about 10min or so and it will likely start to pull free at that point. You can also poke something like a pen through two openings in the top case shell in the center to help with removing the strip.


There was a seller on ebay that has NOS metal strips. But... they weren't cheap at about $100 each I believe?


Anyway, that is how I remove the metal strip when needed.


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