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Pac-Man remake for O2?


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22 hours ago, atari2600land said:

No, but Rafael is working on something for the G7400...


That's really cool! but, for many in the states (unless you only play in emulation) it's not really feasible since we don't have an OD3 (G7400 equivalent).


To be honest I actually prefer the play mechanics of K.C. over Pac-Man. It just would be nice if there were a few different board changes and there would be some kind of bonus during play.

Don't worry I'm not ask for someone do this (that never goes over well). Unfortunately trying to learn to program has been difficult at best, but maybe one day I'll get there. :)


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Awesome idea! It would be really cool to see the original Pacman running on the O2! :) 


Agree the KC concept by Ed Averett is a much improved Pacman, just like the Breakout genre was improved by Arkanoid. 


Pacman was inspired initially from Dodge' Em, It would be cool to see a Dodge' Em port on the O2 as well.


Ed's creative enhancement to the Pacman genre is very inspiring, I created a KC Operating System for the 2020+1 SillyVenture retro art contest. KC OS is playable online in Javatari here  


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Since the entire game is tile based, I wonder what would happen if you filled up the whole maze with dots (squares...) and if only a limited number started moving when they become "freed" (when adjacent dots are eaten). You could still have that great mechanic of chasing the last dot...


Personally, and I think I've mentioned this in the forums before, I think, whether we are talking about an upgraded O2 KC, a port or interpretation for another system, or a PC or Android game... I'd like to simply see a similar fun game with an option for powerups. Powerups could include:


-freeze all dots


-slow all dots (or a "bad" powerup which speeds up all dots) 


- turn KC into a dot magnet (all dots pull towards him) 


-turn all dots into power dots


- change maze walls (randomly) 


-return monsters to pens


- turn all monsters into ghosts


-freeze monsters

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