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Black Widow: Recharged - High Score


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13 hours ago, SabertoothRetro said:

I'll kick this one off with 6,565.  What a challenging and low scoring game! 



I can't agree more!
Those score targets for achievements seem unobtainable for me right now.
A lot of fun, but gosh, it's better with 2 players.

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It took a lot of tries to break 6,000 for that last score achievement. I know some folks have hit up to 8,000, which blows my mind!  Hopefully we'll see some double digit scoring! 


I will say that even though it's difficult, the deaths don't feel cheap necessarily. I felt Centipede definitely has more of those controller throwing moments. ?️?



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17 minutes ago, Absalon said:

6400 for me.


I really like this new Version of the game, while the challenge levels seem to be alot harder than centipede recharged 8()

For sure!  I think the challenge levels are way harder!  On centipede I flew through most except the last one and the one in which you have to survive 90 seconds without killing a tick.  I still haven't beaten that one!  Black Widow, however has quite a few I got stuck on

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