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Final Assault - new game by GMG


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23 hours ago, Beeblebrox said:

Honestly it makes such a huge difference to the gameplay!

Definitely. All the available buttons make a difference.


23 hours ago, Beeblebrox said:


@globe  There is one button on the SNES (green Y button) that isn't used for anything in FA currently - a pause button jumps to mind - being able to pause the game would be great.:grin:  I guess some might say it'll quite possibly take the tension out of gameplay if at a nerve wracking moment you could potentially pause to collect thoughts (or make a cuppa coffee) - but I still think it could be helpful.


Edit: Alternatively Y could be used to cycle through the weapon select the other way - so B cycles right through weapons selection, and Y cycles left. Just a thought.

If for some reason FA 1.2 happens I'll consider it.


23 hours ago, Beeblebrox said:

Gonna have a proper FA session later this weekend as well as testing other games with the joypad, but just wanted to let ya'll know IMHO it's literally a game changer, especially for FPS engines :grin:  I really hope we see more FPS raycasting games on the A8 in months and years to come, all taking advantage of joypads.

Don't worry, after all the work I'm going to milk it for a while :):):)


I still want to make a big game that will be similar to System Shock with several floors, player augments, computer hacking, progress saving etc...

But that's far into the future.

Currently focusing on 128KB engine, hopefully I'll have something to show in a couple of weeks.


11 hours ago, Poison said:

It would be great to add modern ST mouse control :) RMB for Fire and for rotate. And keys WSAD for move :) A,D strafe L/R, W front, S back . .

As far as controls are concerned I added some options to 128KB engine and support for multiple controllers, but I'm kind of torn on the mouse controls.

Since this kind of engine doesn't support looking up and down (well, it's technically possible to fake but not sure the cost is worth it for mostly cosmetic feature) it would be limited to turning and shooting.

Also I vaguely remember reading somewhere that you have to mod your mouse for the RMB to work.

WSAD controls are possible as long as you don't want to strafe while also moving forward or backward - keyboard limitations.


Here's a peek of what's coming:



There are a few control presets for various controllers + Custom preset that player can freely edit.

Currently supported controllers: Joystick, Joy2B+ with one or two extra buttons, SNACK in Classic or Enhanced mode, Atari Video Touch Pad (+similar) keypads and most of the keyboard.




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29 minutes ago, popmilo said:

40x25, most boring "gfx mode" there is on c64 ;)

It does have 16 possible colors per pixel :)

Looks like something for the VIC-20.


I'll take the one posted just before that instead. Smaller viewport (3/4?) and line-skipping, but achieves much more, in spite of...


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