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Tony Diaz R.I.P.


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I met Tony sometime in the mid 1980s when he was working at a computer store I used to visit while I was in high school - Wabash Computers (was Wabash Apple before Apple asked them to change the name).  Tony and I became friends over time and later I went to work at Wabash in the late 80s while I was in college.  Tony did not work there then, but we remained friends and he frequently came tot the store.   At that time Tony was the largest collector of older Computer tech - mostly Apple.  He had so much, I even recall he had decorated his ceiling by stapling cds and floppies to his ceiling.  He even made the local magazine the Byte Buyer (computer Edge) for his collection.  Tony pretty much dedicated his life to the Apple II.  I remember a few years back he helped the makers of the game Karateka as he had a floppy drive that could read the source code they thought they had lost.  Although he worked on many platforms (windows, macs and more) he was always committed to Apple II, it was his one true passion - the other was flying and the civil air patrol.  I did not hear about Tony’s passing until a few months after it had occurred and I am very saddened and will miss a good friend.  Tony was always a nice guy and was always there to help when someone needed it.  As far as I understand there are questions / investigations about his death and I hope the Oceanside police will pursue it diligently. 

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On 1/6/2022 at 1:57 PM, Frozone212 said:

RIP man. I never knew him, what was he like?

A mass hoarder of A2 material - rivaling my pile of stuff. Makes me quite nauseous looking at it while imagining it's all useful and valuable and elite. It is not.



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tony diaz was cool af... i knew him since i was like 4 years old.. he was a friend of my dad.. im now a huge retro game fan and have big respect for what he did for retro gaming/computing preservation. he worked literally across the street from me as a developer doing what i do now.. fuck whoever set tony up.. he was a great guy

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