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Season 19 Round 15 - Bucky O'Hare


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Last round of Season 19!  Every manual scan I found online was terrible.  I linked one of them below, but it's difficult to read.  The controls, however, are pretty straightforward:  A to jump and B to shoot.  Each character has their own special ability that can be charged by holding B and used by subsequently releasing B.  New characters can be unlocked by completing the various stages.  Switch between characters with the select button.  Unless you exceed the default high score of 50,000 the score disappears quickly after your last life so be sure to take note.


1645106265_BuckyOHareCartridge.png.09386e2ea1677de5c81becf4c95598c8.png 919825910_BuckyOHareScreenshot.png.6998425340e270a8aabcf094ad3e19f4.png


Game Rules:

Complete stages in any order

No Passwords

No Continues



Score Post Deadline: Sunday November 21 at 11:59 PM CST


AtariAge High Score:

53,400 by Starcry posted on 4/8/2010


Scores as of 11/19:

Razzie.P     296,700
asponge       35,900
jblenkle      15,200
roadrunner     8,700


NES Arcade:

Below are 10 arcade ports we're playing alongside the regular games. You may post a score for any title, during the current regular season round.  Score improvements are always accepted as well.  Points for these games will be awarded at the end of the season.  Each game will be scored like a regular season round, e.g. first place will receive 25 points, second 20 points, etc.  All points earned here will be added to your season total.


Click here for the Arcade Scoreboard


Bad Dudes                                    Bump 'n' Jump                               BurgerTime

1185140314_BadDudesCartridge.png.fad5d7ba0f2ddbbaf10214d6ad7055d4.png 1295952834_BadDudesScreenshot.png.c0ca782dffd4873f616c21405c404f03.png     1863057809_BumpnJumpCartridge.png.c9cf6f8b99f947561db931e8c19e7d20.png 181369828_BumpnJumpScreenshot.png.31f9c628bcd4bafa8ec0500b2ab62a9b.png     1638739211_BurgertimeCartridge.png.2267190f2f0e7e6a621303d5cf278d01.png 1301070461_BurgertimeScreenshot.png.ee48d43773a1eb2eff2aeb065133844c.png    

Manual                                         Manual                                          Manual


Donkey Kong                                 Donkey Kong Jr.                            Gyruss

659635161_DonkeyKongCartirdge.png.fa8b7af68e0915a504f5a3d0ec4d2bce.png 1855516407_DonkeyKongScreenshot.png.9ead0ca86244786b2468b9ad54b9b090.png    455111871_DonkeyKongJrCartridge.png.4a55dcac927c899af6705af770cc49ac.png 1450460045_DonkeyKongJrScreenshot.png.f747edefe5eb3c86a15d14ce4558cb0d.png     2065074949_GyrussCartridge.png.771e9ca6799127f688127e2f6b0cf4de.png 1429652842_GyrussScreenshot.png.7cd241aa5dc610a1930efb72b62fba21.png

Manual                                         Manual                                          Manual

Game A                                        Game A


Palamedes                                    Popeye                                          Q*bert

500867409_PalamedesCartridge.png.a5c9a908772235040aabc8f6d6534615.png 2006553701_PalamedesScreenshot.png.5780d8672df79d6ae79ce68da470e3c6.png     1639789513_PopeyeCartridge.png.fdc4eec81c1d487c792d05e9245710dd.png 1845576410_PopeyeScreenshot.png.a8a758853ec7c80a5fecbb3624162988.png    1044524417_Q-BertCartridge.png.0df234f246a355c45719ae8aed0aff8a.png 732812528_Q-bertScreenshot.png.5ed9bed6be0127b3eacb8193a0ed53a1.png    

Manual                                         Manual                                          Manual

Start at Level 1                             Game A



1589253824_ShinobiCartridge.png.9f78c5ef8fcb3f614a4a1c022c1969cb.png 2057876617_ShinobiScreenshot.png.21d62aaa91a9c0dd51f3f59c6a3c5296.png 



Season Standings:




General HSC Season Rules:

  • To participate, just post a score to the thread. Anyone can join in at any time.
  • A picture or screenshot is encouraged when posting a score but not required.
  • The season is 15 rounds long.
  • Games will be posted on Sundays and run two weeks through Sunday at 11:59 PM CST.
  • Do not exploit game glitches, take advantage of 1-up loops or intentionally die in order to replay a level.
  • If "point pressing" is not specified in the game rules you should be moving forward in an attempt to complete/loop the game and not "camping" for points.
  • No emulator save states, slow-mo, rewind, etc.
  • No cheats, e.g. Konami code, Game Genie, etc.
  • Turbo controllers are allowed.
  • Round points are awarded according to the following chart:
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Bucky O'Hare -- 296,700



Hot damn!  I made it!  It only cost a bit of sanity and a small fortune added to the swear jar.


This game is a mixed bag for me.  So many great ideas, that it always seemed to find a way to make me smile and say “oh.. that was neat.”  Heck, it even changes the genre a bit for the final level. It’s like they managed to include every nifty NES trick ever done, as some point.

However… many parts just seemed overly difficult for the wrong reasons.  Harsh collision detection on the 1 hit death parts, and some pretty cruel platforming sections.  

Oh well, glad I can check it off my “to finish” list, and will add it to my “would love to see it revisited in a modern game” list.


Oh… there doesn’t seem to be a way to view the score after it’s finished, unless my brain was fried at that point and I was just missing it.




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24 minutes ago, bubufubu said:


Great score.  Congrats.  ?

Thanks. I got three no crash bonuses and reached scene 14. I was hoping to possibly beat the game and play into second loop for a higher score but it didn't happen. Those last few stages are really hard.

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Bad Dudes - 28,500


“I’m so bad.”  You said it, buddy. 


Bump ‘n’ Jump - 18,360



Donkey Kong - 53,000



Donkey Kong Jr. - 138,800



Palamedes - 148,6200D4156F0-53D9-4A60-8784-0F4E9F3B40FE.thumb.jpeg.7370dca81d5d8c53b7e92a0b164d016b.jpeg


Q*bert - 32,000

Forgot to pause to grab a pic, so I rounded down from what I remembered. 


I had a lot of fun this season, especially with Duck Tales and getting the different endings. The arcade games were fun, but I definitely didn’t take advantage of the seven months we had to keep improving. Great job to everyone this season!

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