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Brief oddity after FW update


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Just updated to the newest FW, from the last version. I think everything is fine, but wondered if this was expected, or if anyone things I need to do another update.

I tested my cart before updating, loaded the game list and checked version numbers etc., and rebooted again to scan the QR to get the update. After turning off the Jag, I left the cart in and popped out the memory card, put the new FW on it, popped it back in. All the updates ran fine, but when it got the the menu, it gave me an error to reseat the cartridge and that it may be dirty. I hadn't seen that before, and hadn't taken the cart out. I went ahead and reseated it before rebooting it, and it seems fine, reports all 4 items with new version numbers. Games, including CD seem to work as they did.


Just being overly cautious as it was a new error and the cart was working fine in the same position before! It also worked well enough to seem to update the FW before hitting that error (I wouldn't expect a badly seated card to boot at all, though I guess it depends on the pins involved).

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