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2 hours ago, john_q_atari said:

I've never seen a 2 port 5200 motherboard but seems like that is all it is and they stuck ZIF sockets on it. Crossbow or someone should know.

100%. It is a standard 2-port mainboard that someone stuck zif sockets into the sockets to they could easily plug in the main chips and used the first RAM chip with a zif for the same reason.

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2 hours ago, 0078265317 said:

I just logged into ebay.  Got an offer to buy this for 80 bucks.  Still probably not worth it.

Well again anyone could make one of these easily. Get a working 5200 mainboard (Best actually sells them still I think?). Remove the large chips from their sockets and purchase some 40pin ZIF sockets. Insert those into the sockets already on the mainboard and then you pop the ICs into the ZIFs. I think only the first RAM is done this way because that would be enough to test individual RAM chips since the 5200 isn't likely to boot at all if that first one is hosed up.


If I were to want to make something like this, I would remove the crappy single wipe sockets that Atari used and just solder the ZIFs straight into their place.



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