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Attack of the Petscii Robots (7800 homebrew) for the VCS?

The Helper

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Technically it would not be for the VCS rather it would be the newest game released for the 7800.  It would require Atari to deal with the 8 Bit guy to license his game but once the Petscii Robots is ready for the Atari 7800 it would be ready for the VCS.  It would be so easy as the 8 bit guy is very reasonable and having the Atari VCS as one of the indirect ports would be a cross spectrum promotion of a guy who has 1.35 million subscribers.  When  the Petscii Robots thing is done for the 7800 Atari should immediately release it on the VCS the game is badass might be the best one on the 7800.




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They are talking about this in the Jaguar forum now



Atari should really look into this for the VCS because it would put there name up there in the 8-bit guy world and really introduce the VCS to a bunch of people I think.  Probably the least amount of money they would have to spend to reach the most people actually.  A NUON version too :)


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2 hours ago, Gemintronic said:

So, does this mean someone found an 7800 emulator they can wrap the 7800 ROM of the game into for the VCS?  Have they checked the license on it?

It does not mean it has been done yet just that it could be done.  The 7800 version of Petscii Robots is almost done I think



Atari has a 7800 emulator wrapped into the VCS Operating system now as well as Stella.  They are the only ones I believe that can wrapper the games to work though.  Once the 7800 version is done it would be nothing for Atari to be able to release it in the emulator.


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The 7800 version is featured from 15:48 on this video, showcasing the Pokey soundtrack, and high-quality graphics:



I'd buy this game in a heart-beat for the 7800 native emulator, and it would be great to see ATARI XP bring this level of quality to new or improved 7800 physical releases.


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