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5200 restoration/mods


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Finally got a 5200 shipped over the Atlantic to the UK for a sensible price.

First thing is sort out the power over RF, and get a 9V input connector on this thing.

Of course it doesnt work correctly on a UK TV, but I've got one I can manually tune to the US frequencies and it does display a incredibly bad RF picture in black and white with no sound.  All expected, but enough to show its working.


Need to get a better pic out of it, so I hacked in a simple composite mod I had lying around, and it looked ok,  and sound worked.  This is temporary until I decide what to do.  Turned into not very temporary due to lack of RGB mod until next year, so I used a version of the S-video mod used in my 7800, slightly simplified, by referencing the 130XE schematic.  Doesnt need biasing resistors on the chroma amp, GTIA is outputting that already.  


Got this working, and to say I'm happy is an understatement, the picture on my BVM is fantastic, on an old Sony CRT with a composite adapter is also one of the best composite images I've seen on it.  Slight jailbars on my Sony 32" LCD, and the little Sony LCD, doesnt auto switch to S-video with it stays as composite and really screwed up, odd, but its been doing that with a few consoles lately.  Probably on its way out.


Here's some pictures of the process.


Had to mess around with the controller as expected, but used @-^CrossBow^-  method with the foil tape and its working fine.


I've no idea where this behemoth is going to live.













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