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My wishes for an Atari Flashback XI Super Gold Ultra Brutal Deluxe


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Hello alltogether,


I'm owner of an Atari Flashback 9 Gold and also an Atari Flashback X (and a Retron77, but that's another story). I only recently stumbled across the Nexus Project and think it's fantastic. It is only limited by those little machines pretending to be an advanced(?) Atari Console.


So i made my mind up what i would wish for an Best-of-all-Worlds Flashback. Here is my 5 Cents.


The Console


Atari Flashback X is the most sweet Mini Console in my opinion but something is lacking, like


1. The missing Color/BW Switch


I may be wrong, but wasn't there at least one Game that used that switch for Ingame purpose?


2. A neat way to put in some (Nano)USB-Stick


Put one of those really tiny USB Sticks in here and no damn wires anymore?


3. Open the Slot for some (fake) Cartridges.


It looks so good


So much for the Console, now for the Controllers


A really good Atari like Controller could be like this



1 Red Button on each side and those lefthanders suddenly feel the love (The Retron Guys got it)

2 Additional Shoulder Buttons and there would be no more hussle for the Nexus Team concerning the need of more Input


Of course this should be a wireless Controller. Lag should not be a problem at all, i heard a rumour about a new Technology called "blutooth".


I would take rechargeability here for granted.


Last not least it would be nice if they had those inside for playing Decathlon without breaking the wobbly Stick


The Joysticks could be 10% bigger than the Original, also put some plates in it for that Heavy Metal feeling


The Box should also Contain those little fellows


The Atari Flashback Blast vol.3 had only 1 pair in it, so no one's playing 4-Player Warlords anymore?


Finally a pair of these



So that's all of my humble wishes (Atgames here me out) :)


I don't think that this will ever happen but hope dies last. I would spend a considerable amount of Money for that.


So what do you think? Suggestions? Maybe if enough People express their interest?




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secret quest and some other games use the black and white switch. to activate black and white switch it is a button combination now, like hold up and hit select, maybe? I forget.


i was just talking to someone about mounting a usb port on the system, i think that can be done with a mod.


etsy has the small 3d printed carts. i dont care for them, but people do like them. some around here have gotten them.


if atgames would release the source code, i think we could solve the "other controllers support" mystery. If you hook it up to a legends arcade cabinet with the Arcade Play Link feature you can use the extra buttons on the legends arcade control panel. I built a custom joystick that exploits player 2s port as extra inputs for player 1.


as far as i know, we arent getting any new flashbacks anytime soon. Brazil company TecToy just recently sold the AFBX and it had a hard wired power cord, so, no more otg support im guessing. I think your ideas are solid, but we have to find work arounds because the X is as good as its going to get, i fear.

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