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Use swordman116.bin



- Sounds added

- enemys added (Arrows from all directions, fallin lamp changed in falling potion, difficulty balanced out)


to do: - endboss-fight

          - score details

          - title song






You are a swordman, moving into a enemy castle. Try to defend different attacks. If you like the idea, the gameplay will be expanded. Move right  :)


Defense options:

arrow high: joydown or fire&joyright&joyup
arrow middle: joydown or fire&joyright&joyup or looking right & fire
arrow down: schwert unten, hüpfen
rolling bomb: jump
bat : joy0down or fire&joyright&joyup or fire&joyleft&joyup
falling potion : jump & try not to be hit


Looking forward to get feedback - thx.









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18 hours ago, Al_Nafuur said:

nice but very short gameplay ;-) how to restart?


Not couch compliant!

Not exit function compliant!

PAL colors ?


Early stage - but i have put a easy restart-option into the game. if you are dead, and all blood has left your body you can press fire to restart. The gameplay will be longer if you manage to defend the attacks. I will insert some kind of levels and final bosses

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