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8-bit notebooks


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I'm looking for information on 8-bit, (not 68000 or x86) battery powered, full clamshell notebooks.


I know of only five from the mid-80's, the Tandy 200, NEC PC8400, NEC PC8500, Sord IS-11c, and Bondwell Model 2. Were there any more?


I know about the Thorn EMI Liberator, but I heard it was crippled so you couldn't exit the word processor and use it for anything else. Is that true?


There were also a few 8-bit portables in the early 90's, like the Laser PC-4 and PC-5, but the only clamshell I know of was the Amstrad NC-200. Were there any others?

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Brother Super Powernote. Interestingly, the Super Powernote and the Dreamwriter 200 (variant of the NC-200) had 1.44 MB floppy drive. 


I think some of the Japanese clamshell wordprocessors have to be 8-bit machines but I can't find a listing of the CPU in the Panasonic KX-WL50 which only has 48K of RAM. 


If you count prototypes, there was the Sinclair Pandora with the world's least practical display technology. 

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Toshiba had a number of 8088 variant (80C88) laptops--the T1100, the T1200 and the 1000 which came out in the mid to late 80s.  I had a T1000 that I used into the mid 90s until I finally entered the brave new world of a Windows compatible machine.

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