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Weeping Angel difficulty for Doom

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This is just a thought experiment for now. 


WA difficulty would give the entire roster over 145000 HP and start you off with an icepick that does .5 damage.


The strongest weapon in the game, the BFG, now does a miniscule 0000000000000000.2 damage.


Assuming i can program it in (likely never, seeing as how I suck at C), This would be the new nightmare.


Every enemy hit point would keep going up.


How bad would it be? Check the attachment for the explanation



SpongeBob SquarePants Maximum Power.mp3

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Yes but it's the ultimate challenge. Beat doom with minimal weaponry. no more, no less. Just pack a few Mountain dews and a ton of chips.


Shotguns do 2 damage


Chain gun does 10 damage


Rocket does 4 damage, not counting splash.


Finally, the BFG deals at maximum 490 damage IF aimed precisely at the center of the hitbox. decrease by 40 if the distance between you and an enemy is more than 40 feet. One shot only and it cannot be used on bosses

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Doom is sacrosanct to me. And weapon strength is a cornerstone of the essence of the game.


I prefer difficulty to be increased through new and challenging levels. Especially large expansive thematic ones. If new weapons and strengths of weapons are to be introduced I would expect them to be realistic and plausible in the Doom universe. It's just how I roll.

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