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Is My CPU Dead?

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Hi there i recently started messing with a HP pavilion 500 to get into classic PC games . I was installing some new ram on it and I may have put it in backwards and not release it. I I'm not sure if the PC is working or not for I have no monitor to test with. I had to test all my ram chips I had so I plugged and unplugged ram a few times. 


I did have success with hearing the drives start up a time or two. Now it doesn't matter if there is ram or not no dives spin now. Also it used to beep when there wasn't any ram in. Now it don't do that. So I took everything out and tested and noticed something sounds like it's spinning by where the CPU is. So I took it out and tested and it stopped. So I'm thinking I may have blue out the CPU with those symptoms. 


I am just a amateur to this so maybe it's an easy fix or not. (Note when I say it's don't beep with no ram In, it still turns on and stays on but don't beep. ) does anyone know that it could be. 



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I believe I may have bricked my PC. The problem first time I noticed it after I forced shutdown. I pressed and held the power button for several seconds and didn't shut off so I just unplugged it. I suspect that it may have been doing a bios update. I didn't have a monitor to hook up to so there's no way to tell for sure, but it seams to me I may have bricked it.

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It's hard to put RAM in backwards because there are usually notches to prevent that.   But do check that it is firmly snapped in place..   some RAM slots require a bit of force to fully insert the RAM


Other things to check:

- any expansion cards, ensure they are fully inserted.

- connectors fully inserted.

- Does the CPU fan spin?

- If nothing powers on, is your power supply still working?

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Yes I am looking at it now. I don't have the fan on so idk. The PC powers on and says on but nothing displays. I bought a VGA to HDMI adapter so maybe it's that. But yah the ram I believe was put in backwards because I had 3 different ones I tried and 2 of them had 2 slots noched in and the one only had 1. Also it smelled like it burnt out on the ram card. 

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Yah sorry the picture wasn't better but Im pretty sure it's a burn cuz it smelled like it was burnt out. Also I don't notice it before until after it stoped working. So I'm betting if it is the problem then idk where to go form there. I may need new RAM. But I thought when the ram wasn't Inserted that it wold have a beeping code. It don't do that or anything if none was in. 

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