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Are Threshold (Astro Blaster) and Space Eggs (Moon Cresta) possible on the 5200???


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I have both of these ports on my XEGS but I HAVE BEEN a bit in the red financially most recently so it just might come time where I might have to make the painful decision of which systems I'd like to keep here while letting go of all the rest, and it seems like it just might be the 5200 and my newly-acquired ColecoVision as the two that will remain here when all is said and done. I grew up in high school (1983-84) playing both of these units and while I owned my first 5200, whenever my folks would go to Lisa Rivers' folks house BITD I'd go along just so I could tear it up on her younger brother Natan's ColecoVision while there, so that's why it would be those.


Of course this could spell the end of The Atari Report, even though I DO have 95 subscribers on that channel, but business-wise it has not become the success in which I'd hoped it would've been. But when you weigh it looking from a career standpoint, if it weren't for the pandemic as well as all of you great folks, I would never have even  launched TAR nor collected all those systems for all of those great games over the past couple of years.


I figured that since both of these titles were released before Big Sexy came around that maybe these would be possible to her, maybe Threshold needs a bit more color on her than the original 8-bit port but other than that these versions of Astro Blaster (Threshold) and Moon Cresta (Space Eggs) would be great for the 5200 lineup, who knows. These two titles kinda slipped through the cracks years ago when it came to the XL conversions. I'm sure they can meet or be under the max 32K ROM for a possible port.


...and so I have included the ROMs for each, so if anyone wants to take this up, I'd love to see it.

Threshold.xex Space Eggs.xex

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