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Hey guys, Lennart Bown (@Thelen) has put out his fixed version of his 8-bit port of Yar's Strike


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Yes, you may know him better as @Thelen but Lennart Bown got around to fixing the glitch (es) on his original 8-bit version of the ever-legendary Yars' Revenge port he put out back in 2009, Yar's Strike. This newly fixed version fixes up a couple of quirks the original 2009 port had, first of all the extra pixels in which used to come into play behind the ion zone in the even-numbered (rotating shield) levels (2, 4, 6, and 8 respectively) are now gone, and also it is the first ever worldwide version of it as it has auto-detect to adjust its color scheme to either PAL or NTSC to match whatever unit you are using.


This port is currently available for the Atari 8-bit computers and it's a great port, in fact, the very same one (actually a reworking of the previous one he had) that inspired me to get Paul Lay to make a version of it for us 5200 owners almost 2 years ago and if anything hopefully maybe we'll (soon) see this one converted over as well so Big Sexy owners can have both versions for themselves to test out.


Here is Lennart Bown's reworked version of this soon-to-be INSTANT CLASSIC (to quote the old ESPN Classic channel from BITD)



Yar's Strike PAL-NTSC.xex

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