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Firmware Version and SD Card slot

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I have a Legends Flashback system and was interested in expanding the games via the SD slot. I've read and watched a lot about changing the firmware and making this work but whatever I've tried hasn't been successful. (I tried updating the firmware provided here: 

I followed the steps, it appeared to "update" giving me a status updating page and then rebooted, but nothing changed in the about screen under version and behaviour of the SD card slot didn't change (it doesn't let me select it ever). I wondered is there a firmware version number you must have to make the SD slot and expanded games on the card work? Most posts just say "update your firmware". Well to what version? Is there a version of the firmware that makes it impossible to use the SD card slot? Bottom of my unit says Model Number FB8669 BATCH code: D10808. Then on the software about screen it says Firmware version: FB8660 v0.1.13. Any insight would be appreciated.

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