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cd2jcd and cdd files


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I can't find a way to make cd2jcd work with cdd files it always says :

Opening <file>.cdd...

and that's all, it never goes beyond, while it works fine with cdi files.
Unfortunately there's a game I can't find using the CDI format (world_tour_racing) and it seems like finding a way to convert cdd to cdi is not as easy as I expected, it seems like most converters never output to cdi.


Did anyone had a chance to convert cdd files to jcd ? If so is there any trick ? I've tried many different cdi files for differents games but it never works. Maybe I keep getting wrong files for that format but it would seems very unfortunate.


Thanks a lot for your help

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You can make a .cdi version. I did it by:


1) Install Daemon tools (Free version)

2) Mount the readily available .img version of WTR to a virtual drive using Daemon Tools

3) Use and old version of Disc Juggler to create a .cdi file

4( Use cd2jcd to create a .jcd version from the .cdi file


Boots in Game Drive

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17 minutes ago, neogeo1982 said:

Yeah I did that and had to run a full system virus scan from all the malware that came with it. I would say be mindful the sites offering this program.

I used a virtual machine to do this.


I'm not 100% sure, but believe Daemon Tools as malware is a false positive.  I've been running it for years in a vm and never have had any problems.  (Years ago, used it to convert hundreds of pc engine disk images)

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