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FujiNet Range: Antenna or None?


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Asked this question on the 8-bit forum, haven't had a response.  I recently acquired an 800XL and knowing nothing about 8-bit Ataris I have been asking for advice.  My question today is:  What is the (reasonable to expect) range of a FujiNet device.  I have one wi-fi router connected to the Internet through a Spectrum Cable ISP and a Win10 box cabled CAT5 to that.  Presumably that would act as my "server" for the Atari.


There are two versions of the FujiNet, one with an antenna built-in and one requiring an external antenna.  Assuming there are no other functional differences between the two the difference must come down to range.  Without the advantage of an external antenna what is a reasonable range to expect of the PCB antenna?  Same room?  Room-to-room?  Whole house?


Thanks for any info.



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I had trouble with the no antenna FN and a WRT1900AC that was downstairs, but not too far away. Less than 20 feet, but through a fiberboard ceiling and a wooden floor and carpet upstairs.

The Antenna one worked great.

Then, later, I got an EERO system, with a repeater device they call a beacon, IIRC. I put the Beacon upstairs in the hallway. Now, everything works nice.



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