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Concerto Issue


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Sorry to hear of the issues. It could be a number of things, so here are some possibilities.


Do other Atari 7800 carts boot to the Atari logo then start normally? I have a 7800 here with a bad Maria and it plays 2600 games just fine but 7800 games fail to start and all crash in a similar manner to yours. 2600 games do not display the Atari logo on boot so it's easy to tell them apart.


If other 7800 games work, seeing the Atari logo means that the cart has passed the initial checks for 7800 mode. During the logo display,  the BIOS is validating the boot code. A black screen afterward could mean:

  1. The boot code fails validation for some reason.
  2. The boot code passes validation but the code doesn't run properly.

For either of these cases, the first thing I would try is to make sure everything is clean and making good contact. A bad contact on one of the pins could result in what you see. Also after cleaning I would reinsert the Concerto a number of times.


Lastly, there is a possibility of corrupt firmware. It seems unlikely because I test every cart before it goes out but stranger things have happened. If that is the case, install the latest firmware posted, which is available here. On that post is a link to the instructions if needed.


If none of the above helps please send me a PM and we can talk about a replacement.

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Which ROMs did you use?

Personally I would use Trebor's ROM pack as they are known good versions.

I would also try a different SD card. I know that a lot of the issues have been ironed out, but I tried several in the early days that didn't work correctly.


This is the one I use, works fine on all my 7800s, pal, NTSC and SECAM 


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