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Value of Atari ST stuff and monitor?


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I sold my STe a couple years back and recouped what I originally paid for it back in 91!  (not inflation adjusted).   I was even able to sell the monitor.   Normally I wouldn't want to bother with shipping a CRT, but it sold for enough to make it worthwhile.


I think STe's are more in demand than the vanilla STs, but seems like there's an interested market for most Atari-branded equipment.

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Totally agreed about the monitor. SC1224's in good shape and good working condition

will sell - especially if it's the JVC brand.


Some might see the screen as being "small" (especially compared to today's modern

equipment) but the sharpness! I wouldn't trade the JVC SC1224 on my Mega STe for

all the LCD's in China!  :)


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On 2/3/2022 at 12:58 PM, Oiler1 said:



Probably asked before but I am new to this forum. I got some Atari ST software, computer and a SC1224 monitor I want to sell. Is there a market for these? Need to ask before I consider throwing all away. I live in Canada.

If your username suggests your sports team and your locality, happy to help test or potentially buy... DM me.

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Always good to check eBay for the "sold" listings too.  Shows what people are willing to pay.


Of course, some will say that is bad and that eBay prices are "too high".  Well, that's what people are willing to pay.  It doesn't mean you  have to sell it for that much... but it can also let you know that the piece of software you think is "super rare" is actually very common and goes for $20..... Or... that the item you didn't think much about is actually worth thousands.

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